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Subject: Re: Issue Group 11: Authorization Use Case

>>>>> "MP" == Mishra, Prateek <pmishra@netegrity.com> writes:

    MP> I realize we had agreed not to start a discussion, but this
    MP> issue group has entered into the closing stage very
    MP> recently. So I do have a question for you?

    MP> How is this use-case different from the existing use case 2 in
    MP> Strawman 2? I should have brought this up in the call
    MP> yesterday. My belief is your scenario N is precisely an
    MP> instance of use case 2.


I think I should probably address this. The use case scenario is one
that I added, for the exact reason that you suggest -- it's an
instance of use case 2. I think we should have at least one specific
scenario for each use case.

Do you disagree with that, or do you think the use case is not
specific enough?


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