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Subject: SOA-RM Section 2.3

Matt and Editors,

I took Frank's input and attempted to make it more succinct. I also added the "context" bullet as another type of metadata relevant to semantics.

Note: I chose to use the term "principals" rather than "participants" in my version. I believe the term participants carries a stronger "person" flavor than the term "principals" 

I believe we want a term that connotes people and/or systems. The term "entities" might work but that term carries data modeling baggage which I would like to avoid if possible. 

Frank - feel free to counter with something else.

Matt - I assume you will collate the various inputs into a new combined draft.

Ron Schuldt
Senior Staff Systems Architect
Lockheed Martin Enterprise Information Systems
11757 W. Ken Caryl Ave.
#F521 Mail Point DC5694
Littleton, CO 80127


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