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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-editors] A (somewhat) radical proposal

I like the emphasis on visibility because it emphasizes the bringing 
together of pieces and the bringing together is more flexible than 
the simple find-bind-execute (e.g. a sample architecture).  In 
combination with establishing the execution context to enable and 
support interaction, it emphasizes the work and information exchange 
that is required for SOA.  Maybe because it hasn't (yet) been 
overused, it seems like less magic than Discovery.  (step 1: need 
miracle; step 2: discover miracle (by making use of core discovery 
miracle); step 3: execute discovered miracle; step 4: be rewarded for 
pressing the need miracle button.  Oops, sorry, that's architecture.)

If we deprecate Discovery, I believe we will need some words in a 
similar vane as we did for loose coupling and coarse-grained.


P.S.  I started Powerpoint doodling while thinking about this and 
came up with the attached.  Worth anything?

At 12:12 PM 11/9/2005, Frank McCabe wrote:
>One of the recent ideas to surface in the RM was the concept of
>I happen to really like this idea because:
>a. it is nice and abstract, without an a priori tendency to
>b. it characterizes (for me at least) the essential requirement that
>for a service provider and consumer to interact they must be able to
>'see' each other
>c. it covers much more than simply description: visibility is a core
>On the other hand, I think that this now makes the section on
>discoverability somewhat out of key. For one thing, despite our best
>efforts, we have not been able to take the implementation aspects out
>of discoverability.
>I think that the core reason for this is that discover is an action
>verb, and visibility is a predicate.
>I propose to refactor the section on discoverability and focus on

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SOA use.ppt

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