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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] Point of order (& recommended agenda items for next telecon)

  Notwithstanding the issues around making sure that we track  
comments; I see no reason to prevent discussion on topics. We are not  
required to not have internal discussions simply because we have a  
public comment period.

  We were already scheduled to discuss some of the process around  
capturing issues; so we shall do that.

  Incidentally, Michael *may* want to record an official comment if he  
feels that our informal responses are not satisfactory. The same  
applies to any member of the committee.


On May 11, 2008, at 11:17 AM, Jeffrey A. Estefan wrote:

> Colleagues,
> Point of order here.  Now that the PRD 1 of the SOA-RA has "hit the  
> streets," we need to setup a new comment spreadsheet.  I believe it  
> will take some time for readers to digest the content of the RA and  
> the comments we receive from the public community may be dearth, at  
> least for a while.  Our hope is that it doesn't stay that way  
> throughout the entire 60-day review.
> In the meantime, we need some order around the comments submitted by  
> our RA members.  For example, Michael has submitted a number of  
> "issues" in recent past.  We need to capture these in on orderly  
> process and work through the issues during our telecons.  Separate e- 
> mail threads are OK, but I don't think jumping around different  
> sections of the RA is going to be productive.  We still have a lot  
> of work to do to produce content; particularly, in the area of  
> Management.
> Based on last week's call, it seems we need to quiesce the  
> discussion surrounding security for a while and we need to turn our  
> attention to addressing the open issues surrounding Service  
> Description.  Given that Ken will not be on the coming telecon,  
> perhaps we could lay out a plan for what we want to address in the  
> Management model instead.
> So my proposal to Frank for this week's agenda is the following:  
> logistics on the PRD 1 and spreadsheet capture (including POC, Danny  
> or Don?), assign an action to capture Michael's comments against the  
> PRD 1, and initiate vision for Management model.
> Cheers!
>  - Jeff

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