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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] Diagramming trust

Title: Re: [soa-rm-ra] Diagramming trust
Okay – here are some examples. Take these and break them down:

  1. I booked a flight through my travel agency.  They also book me a hotel.  I get on the plane because I have trust that the hotel will honor the reservation and not surprise me with the fact that the room has no bathroom.  This is based on a shared conceptualization of what a “hotel” room is combined with a “trust” that they would have told me if otherwise.

2. I stand at the corner of a street waiting to cross.  I trust that all the drivers of cars whizzing by me will not run into me on purpose, even though I know none of the other drivers or have ever seen them drive.

3. When I buy insurance, I trust that the insurer will honor any commitments they have made to me if my house gets burgled.  OTOH, I trust them less than the driver of the cars even though they have made promises to me in writing and I have never met the drivers of those cars.

I have no emotions whatsoever when it comes to the hotel room or the drivers of the cars.  I generally dislike the insurance companies yet I still decide to to business with them.  Why?


On 4/4/09 9:57 AM, "Francis McCabe" <frankmccabe@mac.com> wrote:

Actually, I am not sure.

We have consistently declared that trust is inherently an internal 'emotion' :)

That means that trust is not actually a relationship but is a private proposition.

Also, we need to find a way to draw this stuff in UML
On Apr 4, 2009, at 9:21 AM, David E. Ellis wrote:

Ken, Frank, Rex
I believe this is a better evaluation of trust since it is always from the Service consumer perspective to initiate.  That said, the Service Provider has to trust aspects of the interaction also.
We also need to accurately discuss the way the Service provider Adopts Goal.
<Trust detailed.ppt>
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