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Subject: RE: [soa-rm-ra] Fwd: DM2 Soa Modeling - SoaML Perspective workingmeeting


Keep in mind that the notion of "joint action" is used only once in the entire SoaML specification and "action" or separate action is not specified at all.  Their notion of joint action has more to do with collaboration and, believe it or not, remotely from an ecosystem perspective.  I suggest everybody re-read pp. 28-29 of the latest RAF Committee Draft (soa-ra-cd02), and for greater coverage, pp. 28-33.  There are still a few 'loose ends' that need to be tidied up, but I believe Frank has written enough details to adequately describe the underlying concept of joint action and its cousins communicative action and service action.  It is my believe that if we have not done an adequate job describing what is in the RAF, then we should levy that as an issue against what will be the formal public review draft 2.

Also, let me re-iterate what I mentioned on the TC call this morning.  We (the OASIS SOA-RAF SC) are attempting to specify a foundational reference architecture for the SOA paradigm. We are not in the business of specifying a metamodel for services or metamodel for SOA in general.  That work falls under the auspices of the OMG and was formally called in the OMG UPMS RFP sometime back (see http://www.omg.org/docs/soa/06-09-09.pdf).  The CBDI-SAE metamodel for services is an example response to that RFI.  Ultimately, this body of work resulted in development and release of SoaML.  You may recall the OASIS SOA-RM had influence on some of the core concepts of SoaML.


 - Jeff

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