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Subject: Re: [soa-rm] On POAs and SOAs

It strikes me that POA is really something that sits on top of the SOA 
paradigm, and in the case of compound services composed using process 
management tooling, acts in a service composition capacity.  As a 
result, I'm not yet in agreement that POA needs to be referenced 
explicitly within the RM.

In other words, there are synergies, but not dependencies between the 

On 21-Apr-05, at 12:23 PM, Frank McCabe wrote:

> I think that the distinction between SOAs and POAs may be getting 
> clearer -- although I personally would like to see more clarity on 
> POAs.
> However, this leaves a big question mark -- is the *industry* looking 
> to us to define what *we* think is an SOA, or what *they* expect to 
> see in an SOA.
> (Of course, I am aware that there is no *they* there ..)
> Speaking for ourselves,  we definitely *include* concepts such as 
> security, service composition, management in what *we* think of as 
> SOA.
> I would like us to consider whether we can encompass a broader view of 
> SOA in our reference model -- specifically to include process 
> management/composition. I believe that the security story will come 
> out adequately in the current direction of the RM.
> Frank

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