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soa-rm message

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Subject: TC Process

A gentle request:

Please keep conversations on the list server civil.  Aside from this 
just being "nice", there is an issue that others may dismiss our work. 

Email is NOT a good format for communication since it is ambiguous in 
tone.  This can lead to different interpretations of the content from 
what the author has intended.

I am going to also remind everyone of one important rules of order.

The definition of RM is in our charter.  We adopted our charter during 
the very first meeting Mar 22. According to Robert's Rules from which we 
operate, "once a question is decided, it is not in order to bring it up 
again".  We are working on a RM as defined in our Charter.

We need to rely on this common ground if we are to move forward. 

Enough said on that.

Moving forward, I would like to suggest that if the subject of Service 
Consumer is at debate, we deal with it in the following diplomatic 
manner.  I also hope it will shed some light as per Rebekah's comment on 
trying to understand the differences of opinion too.  That is very 
useful IMO.

1. A motion from a voting member to vote on the topic

2. Full discussion (can happen on the list and/or conf call).

3. When either the discussion has ended or 2/3 of the TC votes that it 
has gone on long enough, we have a vote.

4. After the vote, it is res judicata

Currently, we do not have a motion asking for a vote.  If someone wants 
the SC to be in the RM rather than or alongside the RA, they need to 
make that motion. Discussion to follow.


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