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Subject: [stdsreg] Minutes of 3rd stdreg Committe meeting

Standards Registry Committee document N009
Minutes of Standards Registry Committee
Conference call #3
19 March 2002

The following persons participated:
Bernard Vatant, Em DelaHostria, James Crandall, Karen Boehme, Luc Van
den Berghe (for John Ketchell), Mark Norton, Beatrice Gbatte

The meeting was chaired by Em DelaHostria as Karl was not able to

1	Introduction

The participants introduced themselves and said a few words about their
organization and background.

2	Approval of record of second meeting.

The record of the second meeting was accepted.

3	Review of  of the status of  action items

3.1	Action 1 - Karl keep web page updated

Em outlined that the web page is the best way of keeping participants
updated with what is happening in the Committee.

People wishing to provide further information following their
introduction statements should send e-mails to Karl who is the
administrator of the web page.

It was clarified that this Committee is not a formal OASIS Committee;
there is a charter text that explains the status of this Committee.

3.2  Action 2 - Bob and Martin report on experience of NSSN and Diffuse

Action 2 was deferred  to the next meeting as Bob and Martin  were not
partcipating in this one.

3.3	 Action 3 - Report of anyone with knowledge of registries

3.3.1  Meta data proposal

Bernard updated on the work in the OASIS XML Vocabulary Committee.
Considering that the XML/Voc  and the stdsreg Committee started around
the same time, it might be a good idea that both of them have a strong
liaison, for instance: the stdsreg Committee could use identified
metadata by XML/Voc or XML/Voc could use data from the stdsreg

The ANSI X12 Group was reported by James to have a XML task group. They
might be a source of input into the Stdsreg Committee. Their work will
be further followed. It was also suggested that the XML/Voc Committee
have a look at the work in ISO/TC154 on the Basic Sematic Repository.

The curent metadata proposal was considered to be a very light approach
but OK as a minimum sub-set.

It was agreed that everybody take the current metadata template and fill
in with what they have in  their respective Organization, to be
submitted before 8 April.  (ACTION 3/1 - All members). This will enable
to get a clear feed-back on the current template.

It was also felt useful if there would be a more descriptive text behind
the metadata template but no action was taken yet.

3.3.2	Promotional activity

The meeting felt that we should share the registry with members in our
own associations .

There was some discussion on maintenance. The registry itself is
intended to be non-centralized (hence the need for common metadata as a
1st step)

There was also discussion about how to encourage people to make their
material available via the registry to the outside world

James Cradall suggested that there should be a link to ANSI NSSN, by
having a link pointer in the metadata. Other links would be to CEN ,
etc. Promoting towards other organizations is then merely a matter of
adding links. So the metadata should contain room for a web-pointer to
this effect.

It was  agreed that at the end, we may have a set of workshops and
events to show and promote the tool .

4.	Any other business

The 4th meeting is scheduled for 9 April, same time as this one, and
will be hosted be Karen Boehme (ACTION 3/2 - Karen to organize hosting)

Beatrice Gbatte -Assistant
ISSS-Information Society Standardization System

CEN - European Committee for Standardization
Rue de Stassart 36, B-1050 Brussels

Tel.: +32 2 550 08 89
Fax: +32 2 550 09 66
E-mail: beatrice.gbatte@cenorm.be		Web: www.cenorm.be

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