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Subject: TGF Pattern Language - Core Patterns - New draft


As promised and already announced by John Borras in his mail earlier today, I am pleased to announce the finalisation of a new draft of the “Core Patterns” TC draft.


Just a quick reminder of procedure:

1.       We have finished the period for comment to the Public Review Drafts on both the Core Patterns [1] and Primer [2];

2.       The TC needs to decide, by full majority vote, whether changes to the current Public Review Drafts are required; and in inconsequence, decide to withdraw those drafts and publish new ones;

3.       The TC will need to consider the editors’ recommendations and confirm or modify them; and approve the new working drafts;

4.       A further Public Review of minimum 15 days is required


What we have done:

-          The editors have logged all issues (176 of them) and responded to every comment;

-          Based on the comments and discussions, the editors have progressed with new drafts to capture and track all changes proposed;

-          We held one detailed call on 2 Nov with nine members of the TC and have held a series of bilateral calls since;


Next steps:

-          The Working Draft WD05 of the “TGF Pattern Language – Core Patterns” is now ready;

-          The Working Draft WD05 of the “TGF Primer” will be finalised shortly;

-          Next Wednesday’s TC meeting will need to consider points 2) to 4) above;


Attached now to this mail are copies of three documents:

-          The Issues List, a spreadsheet showing each and every issue that has been logged and a summary of action taken and “proposed disposition” – what changes or actions, if any, we recommend;

-          An explanatory note  that summarises the conclusions of discussions about what do change;

-          The latest “Core Patterns” draft. I have attached both

o   a pdf version that shows all changes made together with cross-references to each issue in the Issues List. This is the version that should be referenced in any correspondence or discussion (“line nnn of draft 05…”);

o   a “Clean” pdf document with all proposed changes incorporated and comments removed. This is provided for information and clarity

A .docx version will also be loaded to the OASIS work area, for those of you who need access to an editable version.


The updated Primer document will be finalised shortly and be distributed and uploaded.


I would like to thank all TC members who have worked with me on making this possible within the timeframe we had ambitiously set ourselves. I would also like to thank all TC members as well as the European Commission and the New Zealand and Queensland Governments for their comments and willingness to engage actively with us in tackling some significant issues. Well done everyone.


Now, over to you!


Best regards,



[1] http://docs.oasis-open.org/tgf/TGF-PL-Core/v1.0/csprd01/TGF-PL-Core-v1.0-csprd01.pdf

[2] http://docs.oasis-open.org/tgf/TGF-Primer/v1.0/cnprd01/TGF-Primer-v1.0-cnprd01.pdf



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Attachment: Issues List - 2011-11-10 - Issues from Public Reviews.xlsx
Description: Issues List - 2011-11-10 - Issues from Public Reviews.xlsx

Attachment: 2011-11-10 - Issues resolution.pdf
Description: 2011-11-10 - Issues resolution.pdf

Attachment: TGF-PL-Core-v1.0-wd05.pdf
Description: TGF-PL-Core-v1.0-wd05.pdf

Attachment: TGF-PL-Core-v1.0-wd05-CLEAN.pdf
Description: TGF-PL-Core-v1.0-wd05-CLEAN.pdf

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