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Subject: TGF Primer - New Draft


As promised in my mail of last Thursday (10 November), I am pleased to announce finalisation of a new draft of the TGF Primer.


Please refer back to that e-mail for details about the process so far and the next steps.


Fewer comments were made against the Primer document. However, a number of further changes have been made in order to align the text with the changes proposed to the Core Patterns document (terminology, update of figures, structure and ordering of sections etc).


Attached is a .pdf version of the document showing all changes made and comments cross-referencing issues raised or alignment with the Core Patterns document. A .docx version will also be loaded to the OASIS work area, for those of you who need access to an editable version.


Best regards,



Peter F Brown

Independent Consultant

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Attachment: TGF-Primer-v1.0-wd05.pdf
Description: TGF-Primer-v1.0-wd05.pdf

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