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Hi All,

                In the UK, a set of Information principles have been defined (and should be published by the end of this month). The approach taken has proven very successful in getting the messages across and gaining buy-in from various committess, etc and I suggest that we consider a similar approach for the policy products document.


The principles document describes the principles together with a rationale for their adoption, and additionally, explicitly states things departments should cover in their strategies (I suggest that we should do this for all policy product documents even where we can point to current examples). 

Supporting this, there is an associated Resource Base which contains details of existing standards, law, guidance and good practice which TNA (The National Archives who carry cross-government responsibility for information standards) have agreed to host.


Once this is published, I’ll inform the group so we can review the approach.








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Sent: 16 December 2011 08:53
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For those of you who are interested and have the time next week to go through the detail of the Policy Products document please complete the Doodle poll so we can fix a time.  I would expect the call to last about an hour.



If there’s not sufficient attendance then I’ll re-schedule it in the New Year.





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