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Subject: Re: [tm-pubsubj-comment] An idea

At 16:56 02/08/15 +0200, Lars Marius Garshol wrote:

>None of us seem to be entirely satisfied with how phone conferences
>work, in part because signal quality often makes it difficult to even
>hear what people are saying. Another problem is that phone conferences
>are expensive, and someone, i.e. Mondeca, has to pay for them.

Absolutely.  And then add in all the individual phone bills. Mine can run 
up to 40 US $ for a 2hr meeting.

>It just struck me that there might be a simpler and cheaper
>alternative: IRC. Why not just schedule a time and a server/channel
>where we can meet, and have the meeting there?

I am all for this. It is actually easier for me to write in text at 1 or 2 
AM than talk on the phone. More people will be able to contribute, I think. 
It's nice to talk on the phone once in a while though. Another idea would 
be to begin the meeting on the phone for a short time and then move to IRC. 
We could have completed out last meeting that way.

-- Mary

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