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Subject: Re: [tm-pubsubj] teleconferences, Committee Plans, etc.


I think we are missing each other. Let me try to intersperse comments 
(about to sign off for the night) and see where we are when I log back 
on tomorrow.

Mary Nishikawa wrote:
>> Before we get bogged down OASIS procedure questions, what the charter 
>> says, doesn't say, etc., what is not clear to me is why we would need 
>> to start yet another TC?
> The only way to retire the current committees, combine the 3 and make a 
> new committee.  I have explained this in previous mails. I would like to 
> hear why Steve wants  to do this. We then send out a call for 
> participation and get new members.
I think I understand the procedure part, what I am missing is why? I 
understand that to have a new TC, must discontinue old, new charter, 
etc., what I have not heard is what can we do in a new committee that we 
cannot do now?

>> So far, I understand your point to be it would require less meetings, 
>> but so far I don't see a connection between the number of meetings and 
>> the productivity of the TCs.
>> Can you outline what you think the new TC could do in terms of 
>> substantive work that the present TCs cannot? (Honest question. Let's 
>> leave aside all the formality and meeting issues for the moment.)
> I think that would be the beginning of a new charter:)

Yes, well but how is anyone to judge the necessity for a new TC 
(combining the present three or perhaps broader than the current three, 
etc.) without knowing what the new TC would do? Particularly in terms of 
what can it do that we can't do now?

>> For me the bottom line is either we (inclusive) can either start 
>> devoting time to what I think we all concede is an important effort 
>> and thereby attract others as well, or no amount of organization, 
>> sponsored meetings/teleconferences or the like will save the effort.
> Again Patrick your descriptions in the previous mail are for F2F 
> activities or planning for them. I guess this is because you are on the 
> road most of the time. Planning parties to attract new members, etc. 
> This is *not* in our charter at least not the last time I looked :)
Not in the charter but in order to have a viable TC, it is certainly one 
of the activities that officers of the TC have to undertake. What 
attracts new members is subtantive work that is of interest to them or 
their clients. The "important effort" I spoke of above is the work of 
the TCs and not the meetings/parties or anything else.

BTW, what I posted was a suggestion for further conversation. It was not 
a fixed schedule of meetings and the content of any of it is open to the 
pleasure of the TC. Have to start discussion somewhere and I had the 
time to make suggestions.

> I guess my method of attracting new members is not *fun* enough. Oh, well.
>> The procedural/meeting stuff is a means for doing work, it does not 
>> get the work done.
> So please give me a hint about what involves me in the agenda. I really 
> didn't see a connection to anyone who does not attend the F2F meetings. 
> The only way I have attracted people to published subjects is to relate 
> how they can be used by other groups outside of the TM community, but 
> this does not seem to attract people to our OASIS committee.

What should involve you or anyone else in any TC is the relevance of the 
proposed TC output to some technology you are or hope to use or deploy. 
  That is why I am concerned that we start working towards generating 
output that will attract others and not go through more organizing 

> I would really like to hear from others.

Not to put too sharp a point on it but I would like to hear what the new 
TC can do that the present TCs cannot. That seems like an issue that we 
need to discuss, as opposed to assuming the present TCs are not working 
and so the solution is another TC. I think we need to find out why the 
present TCs are not working, may be you are correct and we can't fix 
them, but then we will know what to do or avoid doing in the new TC.

Hope you are having a great morning! (I guess now would be a good time 
for an IRC or teleconference for you?)


> Cheers,
> Mary

Patrick Durusau
Director of Research and Development
Society of Biblical Literature
Chair, V1 - Text Processing: Office and Publishing Systems Interface
Co-Editor, ISO 13250, Topic Maps -- Reference Model

Topic Maps: Human, not artificial, intelligence at work!

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