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Subject: RE: [tm-pubsubj] teleconferences, Committee Plans, etc.

At 09:01 03/10/13 +0200, you wrote:
>* Mary:
>| The only way to retire the current committees, combine the 3 and make a
>| new committee.  I have explained this in previous mails. I would like to
>| hear why Steve wants  to do this. We then send out a call for
>| participation and get new members.
>1. Fresh start, clean slate, new chair, all that.
>2. Less admin with just one committee (especially given the degree
>    of overlap we had in membership).
>3. Opportunity to change the name and become less Topic Maps-centric.
>    Suggest calling it "OASIS Published Subjects TC" and going after
>    representation from the RDF community.
>As to your question earlier, Mary, about support for concalls: If we
>get the project, I promise to throw the whole weight of Ontopia behind
>the new TC's work... Only don't hold your breath: There is going to be
>*lot* of competition in this call (IST 6th Framework, 2nd Call). If
>anyone has good contacts among submission reviews, put in a good word
>for a project called OpenPSI!

I totally agree with Steve and could not have said it better. Sounds like 
we should get to work!
But I guess we need to wait for the ballot results.
I could handle  heading Geolang if it were a subcommittee as opposed to a 
full-blown committee.
In this model we could also expand to other PSI sets (as subcommittees) 
when the interest or need arises.
It would be good to have an OWL PSI Subcommittee, for example (Bernard has 
already done this work).

Bernard, you need to request to be a member of the committee. I did not see 
any request from you. You are listed as an inactive member and I cannot put 
you in the member category until you reapply.

As I mentioned, I could probably swing two conference calls/year or more 
and maybe even with US 800 numbers for participants.
So I hoped that each of us (with some kind of corporate backing) could do 
about 2/year, if it is possible. I will also request reinstatement of 
Schlumberger as an OASIS sponsor, but I need to submit a business case for 
this. Maybe I can do it for next year.

We need to have more detailed agendas and ToDo lists, I agree with Patrick 
there. Then people can sign up for tasks.


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