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Subject: Re: [ubl-comment] UBL comments on ebXML Core Components TechnicalSpecification v1.8

This is really coming along.  I have a few comments:

- I agree with Proposal 3; that is, I think it's not necessary to try 
and preserve CCTs somewhere in the model.

- Even though Proposal 4 makes clear the sense in which "aggregate RTs" 
are in a controlled list, are we really advocating that there be a 
closed list to which only a single organization can add?  Even though 
"Details" was rather, uh, unenlightening, I could see why having an 
extension point there was useful.

- Proposal 6 could use an example or two.

- In Proposal 7, is it really necessary to give a different name to RT 
properties, instead of just explaining how they should be considered 
(regular) properties?  This whole framework is starting to look more and 
more recursive/elegant; why not encourage it in that direction even further?

- I love Section 4.  Excellent stuff!  It would be nice to have an 
example within the text of Proposal 9, though.

- The diagram in Appendix A seems to have a broken callout attached to 
Property.  Also, is there still interest in breaking this out into two 
diagrams, in order to separate out the XML connection?


Tim McGrath wrote:
> In response to the UN/CEFACT's Electronic Business Transition ad-hoc 
> Working Group's (eBTWG) call for comments on their ebXML Core Components 
> Technical Specification (see http://www.ebtwg.org/news/040402.html), we 
> are attempting to prepare a consolidated response from UBL members based 
> on our recent experiences with implmenting some of the concepts and 
> rules indentified.
> Please find attached the current working draft of this response. If you 
> would like to contribute or comment on our comments, then please do so 
> within the next 48 hours using this list. We plan to discuss these 
> responses at this week's NDR and LC subcommittee meetings. The date for 
> submission to the eBTWG is Saturday May 4th.

Eve Maler                                    +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems XML Technology Center   eve.maler @ sun.com

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