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Subject: [ubl-comment] UN/CEFACT TMG Plenary approves CCTS to move to next ODPstep

 Having successfully reviewed all comments received against the Core 
Component TS during the last public review (ODP step 5) at the start of 
this weeks TMG meeting, the TMG Plenary agreed that the comments did 
not result in technical changes to the working draft. Therefore, the 
CCTS completed the public review step. Further, the plenary agreed with 
the recommendation to move to the next step within the ODP, the 
verification review period.

Over the next few weeks the UN/CEFACT TMG CCWG will define the process 
and projects to be applied to achieve the required verification.

The verification review period is the most critical part of the open 
development process. Problems and issues identified will result in 
considerable improvement in order to move the working draft towards a 
UN/CEFACT Technical Specification.

A copy of the new version 'UN/CEFACT - ebXML Core Component Technical 
Specification, Version 1.90' is available via the TMG Files Sharing 
Site at http://homepage.mac.com/knaujok/TMG_Files

Select the following Folder "General" -> "ForReview" to get to the 
document labeled "CCTS_V_1pt90.zip"



Klaus-Dieter Naujok, UN/CEFACT/TMG Chair

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