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Subject: Using UBL in the right way?


      We are trying to use UBL to interface a process/workflow engine
with business applications such as CRM, Accounting etc. We will build
adapters for the business applications that will understand and 
process UBL documents. 

Now, my questions are
1. Is this the right way to use UBL and what benefits can I reap from
using UBL in this scenario?

2. Our process modeller will generate xpdl files which will then be run
by the process engine. What is the best way to have the process engine
generate UBL documents?

If we are not using UBL in the right manner, are there any suggestions
on a better way to use UBL ?    

Reading and writing UBL documents can get quite complicated because of
the number of dependencies between the schemas. I have heard that XML
Data Binding greatly reduces the amount of work. Does anyone have an
opinion on this? Here is an article I found that describes XML Data
Binding with JaxB and UBL.
	I work for a company called Netcore Solutions in India and we have
posted before to this mailing list. 

Roshan Nair.

Netcore's New Website

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