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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] Test Assertions for UBL Calculation Model?

Maybe it's best to see if anyone can get funded
for it as it would be best if it is done properly, not
just in spare time in front of the tv. But if it has to
be a spare time job then if it is done bit by bit it
would still be feasible. And 'many hands make light
work' as they say - at least those guys working for
Thomas Edison might have said that :-).
Stephen D Green

2009/9/22 Oriol Bausą <ORIOL@invinet.org>:
> I do not know if we can do this on the full UBL data model... maybe this has
> to be done when working on customizations...
> El 18/09/2009, a las 15:00, Stephen Green escribió:
> What we lack is the conformance profiles which close them off
> with a conformance profile and make them concrete for testing.
> Or interoperability profiles, etc. So in effect 'just add subset' (and
> probable more TAs).
> How much of this do we want to do?

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