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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] PricingCurrencyCode vs. LineExtensionAmount.currencyID

Is what you call user communities something related to implementing various UBL profiles?

On 12/5/2011 1:12 PM, G. Ken Holman wrote:
At 2011-12-05 12:24 +0100, ericdes wrote:
(This question could also apply to other document level specifications of currencies vs. individual monetary amounts where the currency codes are specified.)

I took this example from the document Invoice: each amount specifies a currency ID, which raises a few questions: How does the document level PricingCurrencyCode relates to those amounts? How do you handle possible discrepencies? Why specifying a currency ID at each monetary amount line if they're all the same as PricingCurrencyCode?

That is a business rule decision, as CCTS core component type supplementary components are all optional. There is no obligation in the document model to specifying currencyID= attributes. So a user community could accept that their absence implies the document-level currency code. The user community then has to decide what to do about the absence of *both* a document-level currency code and an value-level currency code.

Certainly a generic rule could be that a specified attribute takes precedence over a specified document-level value, which itself takes precedence over an assumed currency.

Turning that around, a community could claim there is an assumed currency for all transactions, which can be overridden at the document level, which itself can be overridden at the value level.

I'm getting confused at these document level indications I hadn't noticed before...

They are available to be used, but they are not obliged to be used.

All users of UBL are expected to determine subsets of interest and to layer business rules on top of document structures, and conventions for currency expression can be included in that. The UBL TC provides standardized structures to be exploited by user communities, rather than burdening users with inventing their own structures. But the UBL TC does not tell communities how to use those structures.

I hope this addresses the nature of your question.

. . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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