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Subject: Electronic or "soft" delivery of items in an order

Hello! I am new to UBL and this list.

I am trying to make sense out of the UBL 2.1 model and seeing how it maps to our existing ecommerce data model.

One part I am a  bit  stuck on is electronic delivery.

We sell products that include things that are not tangible.  For example a "License Key" for a previously downloaded product,

or slightly more tangible, say a PDF for a manual.   These items (which may be in the same order as traditional tangible products)

need to be tracked an  "Delivered" like the other items.   We "Deliver" these either via email or in the order process via a direct

link to the product.


How does one create a UBL document to

* Indicate that a line item is to be delivered electronically

* Indicate that an item 'was delivered' electronically



I see in the Transport references to to code lists that include things like Shipment by mail, by roadway etc but nothing for electronic delivery. 


Any suggestions in helping me understand the data model greatly appreciated.





David A. Lee


CTO, Nexstra Inc.



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