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Subject: Storage of UBL documents - ID's

Hello !
I am looking at using a document storage technology to store UBL documents as well as other documents used to create or parse components of UBL documents.   For example I want to store the Order document, as well as say individual Item documents.

Looking at the data model there is frequent use of UUID such as DocumentID .  But these seem to be created by the producer

not the recipient.  Also they don't have any place for a local storage key.   That makes sense as the UBL documents are designed to be the communication between partners not the storage model.

But suppose I wanted to store Order or Catalog documents that I received or generated.

Any suggestions on mapping key fields from these documents to a document management system ?

The systems I am thinking of using would use a "URL" or "path" .. for example Amazon S3 uses a bucket + path to identify a document, but itself is not searchable.    If I were to use such a key-value store for documents which field (if any) should I use to create the path ?  the document UUID ?   Also this seems to imply that in such a system I might want (or need) a metadata store as well to map important fields from a document to the actual document store.  This would let one search for documents based on things other than the primary key.

If I create a document .. .there is no indication I can find in the spec of the format for document ID's (UUID's),

but the samples look like traditional GUID .. Is there a convention for generating UUID's or is this entirely up to the producer ?


Any ideas or descriptions of what was successfully used in practice welcome ! Thanks.





David A. Lee


CTO, Nexstra Inc.



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