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Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] [QA Team] LC Packaging Document (Was:Feedback onMethodology Paper)

See also the message I just sent to the UBL chairs list on this


> The QA team is looking over this document, but before formal QA Team 
> review, I would like to have an agreement on the LCSC title of this 
> document (LC Packaging Document?) and apply version control.  Also, I 
> would like to have it in OASIS template format with track changes 
> enabled.  If this is a problem, please let me know.

I realize now that the problem is not really ISO format vs. OASIS
format.  That part's easy.  The problem is how to publish a big
hairball made up of documents in several different
machine-readable formats in *any* format designed for a single
printed document, which is what both the traditional ISO format
and the current OASIS template assume.  Things like 200-page-long
schemas and big class diagrams don't fit the print model very
well, and getting the LC spreadsheets into either of the printed
formats is going to be a real nightmare.  So for purposes of this
review cycle I believe the sensible thing to do is to consider the
OASIS template as a conceptual peer of XSD, XLS, JPG, etc. and
just reference all these different formats from a single hypertext
hub document called "Review Package."

Let's take followups on this to the ubl-csc list + Q/A team so
that we don't inflict further discussion of the publication
details on the whole LC subcommittee.  People who are dying to
know about that can follow the discussion in the ubl-csc archive.


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