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Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] Status of Release

At 2003-01-27 08:35 -0600, Lisa-Aeon wrote:
>I have almost completed the release and download of the release.

Just two editorial questions:

(1) regarding the quality of Figure 1. Trade Cycle being so poor in my 
IE.  It is as if a too large diagram has been shrunk to fit and the loss of 
resolution is dropping enough to make the result confusing.

Is anyone tasked with improving the image before release, or perhaps am I 
just dealing with a problem on my system?

(2) re-reading the introduction D.1 I now see so much focus on ASN.1 that I 
wonder if the formatting specifications could become an Annex E; also the 
non-normative references, which also needs a home but not necessarily 
within ASN.1, includes a reference to RELAX yet RELAX isn't mentioned 
anywhere in the document.

Perhaps the simplest change is to keep D.4 where it is but re-title Annex D 
along the lines of "Supplemental Materials" and de-emphasize D.1 focus on 
ASN.1 since D.3 appears to have what D.1 says is coming in the future.

I hope this helps.

................... Ken

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