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Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] Status of Release

>  Until now we've only had a model of the normalised spreadsheet. That,
> and these, are aligned with the spreadsheet. They are therefore
> 'logical' models, whereas those generated from the XML schema are
> 'technical solution' models.
> So, I would place them in the area of the spreadsheets, and make the
> point that I have just made in the previous paragraph. Both forms of
> model are equally valid. If there are any differences they are
> significant, showing where the logical view of requirements has been
> compromised to meet technical possibilities.

The UML diagrams in Annex C are not limited to "technical solution" models.  In
fact, most people use these types of diagrams as a *logical* view of the
information model *as implemented* by the schemas.  Others (working on non-UBL
schemas) use these types of diagrams to QA the logical model contained in the
schemas to assure that the requirements are satisfied.

As Mike points out, both types of diagrams are equally useful, where one is a
diagram of requirements and the other a diagram of schema design, but they both
reflect a logical view of the data.

  Dave Carlson

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