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Subject: XML Journal: XForms and UBL

Not sure if anyone has seen this yet - wanted to pass along:

Micah Dubinko (W3C XForms Working Group) has leveraged a UBL purchase
order in his XML Journal article titled "Hands-on XForms". Please see

A nice quote:

"Of the several efforts that are under way to define XML vocabularies
for business, the most promising seems to be UBL, the Universal    
Business Language."

Kind Regards,
Joe Chiusano
Booz | Allen | Hamilton
Title: XML-Journal - Hands-on XForms

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Organizations have evolved a variety of systems to deal with the increasing levels of information they must regularly process to remain competitive. Business Process Management (BPM) systems presently take a wide variety of shapes, often including large amounts of ad hoc scripting and one-off implementations of business rules. Such systems tend to be developed incrementally, and pose a significant obstacle to continued development and maintenance.

A World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) specification called XForms aims to change this situation. This article compares XForms to ad hoc solutions to produce a real-life application: the creation of XML purchase orders.

Note: The material in this article is adapted with permission from a chapter of the book XForms Essentials, to be published by O'Reilly & Associates in August 2003.

The Problem
Of the several efforts that are under way to define XML vocabularies for business, the most promising seems to be UBL, the Universal Business Language. At the expense of being slightly verbose, the vocabularies defined by UBL do a remarkable job of capturing all of the minor variations that occur in real-world business documents across diverse organizations. For the sample application in my book, I chose a purchase order, since that kind of document is well-understood and demonstrates several features, such as repeating line items, that are customarily difficult to implement.

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Micah Dubinko is a senior software engineer in Phoenix, Arizona, working for Cardiff Software in San Diego. He has an extensive cross-platform development background specializing in electronic forms systems. Micah is an editor of the W3C XForms specification, and has written numerous articles as well as the O?Reilly book XForms Essentials. He can frequently be found speaking at technical conferences and participating on various mailing lists.

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