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Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] Zip File

Hi Lisa,

A couple of other things:

- There is an xml version of the code list catalogue in the
  xsd/codelist/etc directory, but no spreadsheet version,
  and the xml version has the old information in it
  (the information that was in the spreadsheet when we
  were including those 8 or so code lists in the release).
  Should the codelist catalogue be removed?  It might be very
  confusing to someone that looks at it, since it doesn't match
  how we're doing for codelists in the release and shows an approach
  that we may very well not be taking for codelists.  CheeKai may
  have some reason to keep it there, but I'm not sure.

- The Appendices are labeled with a letter in the TOC
  (A, B, C, ...) and their subsections are labeled with
  letters (A.1, B.1.1, C.1.1.1), when you get to the actual
  Appendix content, but the content heading is labelled with
  a number, which makes it a bit confusing, but probably not
  a big deal.  It's just that if you go to look for Appendix 'A',
  you will find it in the TOC, but not in the content.  You will
  find subsections of 'A', though, which is probably good enough.

- I opened all the schemas and didn't get any errors :)
  which is a good sign, even though I'm not using a
  formal tool that does validation.


Lisa-Aeon wrote:

>Oops, forgot to add, there is a zip file within the UBLv1-beta directory,
>you can use that to unzip on your system for standalone version.
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