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Subject: RE: [ubl-lsc] Agenda for UBL Liaison SC telcon Friday (2002.03.15)

 Here is the URL for the UCC Connect Conference


I will provide coverage at the Retail Systems Conference in Chicago in June.
Will include as Agenda item in the ARTS Member meeting.  Anyone wanting to
inquiry about exhibit or main tent speaking possibility should contact Eric
Olsen eolson@moonwatchmedia.com manager of conference content.

Question, will a marketing/information brochure be developed for
distribution at shows and conferences?


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From:	Jon Bosak [mailto:Jon.Bosak@Sun.COM]
Sent:	Friday, March 15, 2002 12:00 AM
To:	ubl-lsc@lists.oasis-open.org; stuart.feder@bis.org;
garret.minakawa@oracle.com; sue.probert@commerceone.com;
ray.seddigh@us.pwcglobal.com; ron.kleinman@Sun.COM
Subject:	[ubl-lsc] Agenda for UBL Liaison SC telcon Friday (2002.03.15)

The UBL Liaison Subcommittee will meet by phone 8 a.m. California
time Friday 15 March 2002.  Dial-in information has been provided
by private mail (and is the same as last time).


   1. Event calendar (see below)

   2. Summer meeting schedule and host

   3. Scheduling the P.O. review

      - UN/EDIFACT

      - IXRetail

      - XBRL

      - possibly EIDX and RosettaNet

   4. Status report on liaison outreach

      Jon: GSA, XML.gov, DISA (DoD), UCC, CIDX

      Mark: MoU/MG, TC 154, X12, AIAG


Current event calendar

2002.03.11-03.13 MoU/MG + IPR workshop, Geneva *** Mark: MG;
2002.03.11-03.14 Open Publish [XML output] conference, Seattle
2002.03.13-03.15 ISO TC 154 7372 maintenance meeting, Geneva *** Mark,
2002.03.18-03.19 ARTS Data Model Committee, Atlanta
2002.03.20-03.22 IXRetail meeting, Atlanta *** Richard will present update
2002.03.25-03.29 JavaOne conference, San Francisco *** bosak presenting
2002.04.11-04.12 NOIE symposium, Melbourne *** Sue P. presenting
2002.04.08-04.10 Infoworld CTO Forum, San Francisco *** bosak presenting
2002.04.09-04.11 OAGI, Washington DC (Hosted by NIST) *** mark will offer
2002.04.10-04.12 Global Retail Forum (big trade show), Paris *** Richard
will network
2002.05.07-05.11 WWW2002 conference, Honolulu
2002.05.19-05.24 XML Europe conference, Barcelona *** Sue will present
2002.05.21-05.24 UCC Connect, Salt Lake City (over 1000 people) *** maybe
arofan or lisa
2002.06.02-06.07 X12 meeting, Minneapolis
2002.06.17-06.21 XBRL international meeting, Toronto
2002.06.24-06.26 Retail Systems conference, Chicago
2002.06.24-06.28 Web Services Edge Conference, NYC *** bosak to present
2002.06.26-06.28 ARTS [location unknown, U.S.A.]
2002.06.27-06.28 Interop on procurement + X12 demo, Orlando *** bosak to
2002.07.22-07.26 XTech XML conference, San Diego
2002.07.22-07.26 (one day in week, TBD) MoU/MG meeting in U.S.
2002.08.04-08.09 Extreme Markup conference, Montreal
2002.08.13-08.15 OAGI, Detroit
2002.09.09-09.13 Seybold San Francisco
2002.09.?? (some time in first two weeks) EWG, Melbourne or Sydney;
typically first full week
2002.09.29-10.04 X12 meeting, Miami
2002.11.11-11.14 XML Asia Pacific 2002, Sydney
2002.12.02-12.06 MoU/MG and associated BOS summit, Geneva
2002.12.08-12.13 XML 2002 conference, Baltimore

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