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Subject: [ubl-lsc] Agenda for UBL Liaison SC telcon Friday (2002.03.15)

The UBL Liaison Subcommittee will meet by phone 8 a.m. California
time Friday 15 March 2002.  Dial-in information has been provided
by private mail (and is the same as last time).


   1. Event calendar (see below)

   2. Summer meeting schedule and host

   3. Scheduling the P.O. review

      - UN/EDIFACT

      - IXRetail

      - XBRL

      - possibly EIDX and RosettaNet

   4. Status report on liaison outreach

      Jon: GSA, XML.gov, DISA (DoD), UCC, CIDX

      Mark: MoU/MG, TC 154, X12, AIAG


Current event calendar

2002.03.11-03.13 MoU/MG + IPR workshop, Geneva *** Mark: MG;
2002.03.11-03.14 Open Publish [XML output] conference, Seattle
2002.03.13-03.15 ISO TC 154 7372 maintenance meeting, Geneva *** Mark, networking
2002.03.18-03.19 ARTS Data Model Committee, Atlanta 
2002.03.20-03.22 IXRetail meeting, Atlanta *** Richard will present update
2002.03.25-03.29 JavaOne conference, San Francisco *** bosak presenting
2002.04.11-04.12 NOIE symposium, Melbourne *** Sue P. presenting
2002.04.08-04.10 Infoworld CTO Forum, San Francisco *** bosak presenting
2002.04.09-04.11 OAGI, Washington DC (Hosted by NIST) *** mark will offer
2002.04.10-04.12 Global Retail Forum (big trade show), Paris *** Richard will network
2002.05.07-05.11 WWW2002 conference, Honolulu
2002.05.19-05.24 XML Europe conference, Barcelona *** Sue will present
2002.05.21-05.24 UCC Connect, Salt Lake City (over 1000 people) *** maybe arofan or lisa
2002.06.02-06.07 X12 meeting, Minneapolis
2002.06.17-06.21 XBRL international meeting, Toronto
2002.06.24-06.26 Retail Systems conference, Chicago
2002.06.24-06.28 Web Services Edge Conference, NYC *** bosak to present
2002.06.26-06.28 ARTS [location unknown, U.S.A.]
2002.06.27-06.28 Interop on procurement + X12 demo, Orlando *** bosak to attend
2002.07.22-07.26 XTech XML conference, San Diego
2002.07.22-07.26 (one day in week, TBD) MoU/MG meeting in U.S.
2002.08.04-08.09 Extreme Markup conference, Montreal
2002.08.13-08.15 OAGI, Detroit
2002.09.09-09.13 Seybold San Francisco
2002.09.?? (some time in first two weeks) EWG, Melbourne or Sydney; typically first full week
2002.09.29-10.04 X12 meeting, Miami
2002.11.11-11.14 XML Asia Pacific 2002, Sydney
2002.12.02-12.06 MoU/MG and associated BOS summit, Geneva
2002.12.08-12.13 XML 2002 conference, Baltimore

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