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Subject: Re: [ubl-ndrsc] [ubl-lcsc] Resolution on BBIEs and complexTypes

[Stephen Green:]

| So, although NDRSC intend to spend time at the F2F going through
| the rules and schemas almost word-by-word as much as circumstances
| permit, there are no known issues now at the moment.

That has to be one of the most beautiful phrases in the English

| Hopefully this is good news for LCSC. Does it mean though that
| there will now be a call on Friday?

I can't speak for LC on that, but if this decision means that we
can go ahead with build 13, then I think we should do it.  I
really do not want to be facing a brand new build on Monday if we
can get it out before the weekend.

[Mark Crawford:]

| Sorry to throw a monkey wrench, but we will need to revisit this
| next week as I don't agree we are in conformance with the rules as
| currently written.

I was unable to participate in today's NDRSC meeting for exactly
the same reason as Mark (we both had to attend the quarterly eGov
TC meeting instead), so I'm imagining that he's feeling as
frustrated as I am about being unable to contribute to this
discussion.  But a quorate resolution is a quorate resolution.  We
will definitely have to talk about this in the joint session next
week if only so that we all understand what's been decided, but
for now we have a decision, and we have to proceed on the basis of
that decision.  Given our timeline, we have to assume that what
we've got (or what we would have had by now if this issue had not
come up) is what we will be going out with for beta.


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