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Subject: Re: Resolution on BBIEs and complexTypes

I said:

| | Hopefully this is good news for LCSC. Does it mean though that
| | there will now be a call on Friday?
| I can't speak for LC on that, but if this decision means that we
| can go ahead with build 13, then I think we should do it.  I
| really do not want to be facing a brand new build on Monday if we
| can get it out before the weekend.

This was based on my impression from yesterday's LC call that
there were some things that were ready to be included in another
build *aside* from the issue that just got decided in today's NDR
meeting.  If I got that wrong and build 12 is fine the way it is,
then we should of course go with that.

My point is that we need to spend our time next week packaging up
the release that will go out right after the meeting.  We can't be
spending our time next week revising the schemas.


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