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Subject: Re: [ubl-ndrsc] range of valid values for cc types

Yes, my point was that it was not dealt with in the data type 
definitions, but
more at the application level, which in my experience is supported by os 


Eduardo Gutentag wrote:

>> However it sounds from your question that you're also asking about 
>> formatting (when/how to use the period as a thousands separator, 
>> etc)? Wouldn't this be more a contextualized (locale-specific) 
>> presentation issue more than a datatype issue?  Your suggestion to 
>> associate it with each type of currency I think is how it's currently 
>> done in most application localisation processes.  The numeric display 
>> details are specified as part of the overall locale which would also 
>> include language, currency, date/time zone, character type (single or 
>> multi-byte), collation sequencing, etc.  At least this is how I'm 
>> used to it being handled.  It's a localization issue, and is often 
>> handled by os level translation routines.
> Actually in this case it should be handled not by the OS but by the
> style-sheet used to extract data from the instance and present it
> to the user. It would be disastrous to either (a) leave it to the OS
> or (b) have one formatting specification within the instance that
> would override all localization considerations.

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