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Subject: SV: [ubl-psc] Lastest changed agreed with Peter

I would have expected Party to have cardinality 1, not 0..1


Do you have any arguments of letting this be optional?




Fra: JAVEST by Roberto Cisternino [mailto:roberto@javest.com]
Sendt: 22. januar 2010 16:40
Til: Arianna Brutti
Cc: 'ubl-psc@lists.oasis-open.org'; Georg Birgisson; Tim McGrath
Emne: [ubl-psc] Lastest changed agreed with Peter


Hello Arianna,
as agreed with Peter I provide you the structure of the Service Provider Party ASBIE:

Naming is changed slightly to expand the usage possibilties.

ServiceProviderParty (0..n)
    - ID                                         (0..1)
    - ServiceTypeCode                 (0..1)
    - ServiceType                          (0..1)           textual
    - Party                                     (0..1)
    - ServiceContact                      (0..1)

Definition:  An association to the Service Provider Party (e.g. the outsourcing party)


We still miss this part to be applied by eDoCreator:



To be updated by eDoCreator.

Current disposition:
The session information is not related to the document but to the process.  We resolved to add a CollaborationID in order to correlate the document with its process.  Session data cannot be added on the way as the document could be signed. Add CollaboratioID in all documet below ProfileID.  See remark for definition

and this one to be discussed with Tim:



Waiting for further discussion

The end-2-end identifier, as intended by ISO20022, is the same concept of the cbc:InvoicingPartyReference we currently have in the UBL RemittanceAdvice document.
The definition is strictly that one provided by UBL 2.0, "The Invoicing Party's reference to the payment, previously requested of the Payer to accompany remittance."
Into UBL this is a textual reference and not an identifier, but the bigger problem is to clarify the relationship between this reconciliation reference information and the Invoice line items.
I think there is not a precise rule for this, as it is up to the Invoicing Party to indicate one or more references for reconciliation purposes.
Such reference could be associated to a single invoice line item, a set of line items, a complete invoice, more than one invoice and even different parts of different invoices.
The solution seems to be to provide this InvoicingPartyReference at line Item and in the root of the document (RemittanceAdvice and Invoices)

To be evaluated by Tim McGrath as this is a cross-domain information transported end-2-end for reconciliation purposes.  Also it impacts on many UBL documents (Invoice, RemittanceAdvice, ...)

end the last:



Waiting fro further discussion

If the account owner is a private person and not an organization, the bank requires a Person identification (Fiscal code, SSN, Passport ID, ...) of the account Owner.

Example: In Italy the Owner's fiscal code is required (Codice Fiscale)

NOTE: This is similar to the PersonID I asked to add to cac:Person (see "PersonIdentification" scheme available as codelist on ISO20022)

Add a cbc:OwnerID (0..1) to the cac:FinancialAccount



JAVEST by Roberto Cisternino


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