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Subject: Re: SV: [ubl-psc] UBL 2.1 Instance files for CPFR

At 2010-04-14 20:20 +0200, Oriol Bausą Peris wrote:
>Maybe the codelists should be done only in English.

I think providing more information is better than providing less information.

>Arianna, I can generate the codelists in 
>Genericode, but I need to know the metadata as you state in the first point.

Here is what I see in Arianna's prototype:

         <LongName xml:lang="en">Activity code 
for the contracting authority</LongName>

The version should be the version of the code 
list, not the version of UBL.  The version should 
probably reflect the version of the list from 
where you obtained the values.  For example, for 
Payment Means the version is "D03A".


Following the Payment Means code list as a model, I recommend the following:


If there is a URI from where you obtained these 
values, you can add the following:


             <LongName>OASIS Universal Business Language</LongName>

  <LongName xml:lang="en">OASIS Universal Business Language</LongName>

         <Column Id="Code" Use="required">
             <Data Type="string"/>
         <Column Id="Name" Use="optional">
             <ShortName xml:lang="en">Name</ShortName>
             <Data Type="string"/>
         <Column Id="Nombre" Use="optional">
             <ShortName xml:lang="es">Nombre</ShortName>
             <Data Type="string"/>
         <Key Id="CodeKey">
             <ColumnRef Ref="Code"/>

I recommend the following, preserving the Spanish 
column, identifying the language of the data (in 
addition to defining the language of the short 
name which was already done) and changing the 
case of the identifiers to be consistent with the 2.0 code lists:

         <Column Id="code" Use="required">
             <Data Type="string"/>
         <Column Id="name" Use="optional">
             <ShortName xml:lang="en">Name</ShortName>
             <Data Type="string" Lang="en"/>
         <Column Id="nombre" Use="optional">
             <ShortName xml:lang="es">Nombre</ShortName>
             <Data Type="string" Lang="es"/>
         <Key Id="codekey">
             <ColumnRef Ref="Code"/>

>There is another point that we need to take into 
>account when creating the codelists: Most of 
>these data sets follow Spanish and EU rules. 
>It's not only a matter of translation but of 
>alignment of codes in different countries, for 
>instance, when talking about types of evidence, 
>This work is still on progress and should be 
>agreed in a forum like BII or CEFACT before creating the list.
>About the XML examples, I have plenty of samples 
>for the etendering documents, but all them are 
>using CODICE namespaces and are in Spanish 
>language. Please, tell me how do you want me to 
>proceed, use the UBL 2,1 schemas to validate the 
>instances, translate the contents of textual elements?

Personally I have no problems with Spanish 
language instances, validating against the UBL 
2.1 schemas, without translating the text.

>what about codelists that point to CODICE published codelists?

Sorry, Oriol, I do not understand this 
abbreviated question.  Are the CODICE published 
code lists already in genericode?

I hope this helps.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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