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Subject: Re: [ubl-sbsc] Minutes Small Business SC call 17th May 2005


I don't think there are any other parts of
the NDR which are relevant other than
the XSD requirement (the NDR starts by
saying that all UBL schemas have to use
W3C standards where possible, or
 something like that but the rest only really
applies to the scope of message schemas).

e.g. the NDR prohibits xsd:choice but only
where customisation/extension is required
and clearly the whole NDR is addresses
to definitions of UBL message schemas -
apart from those initial broad design
principles which, I agree with Mark, seem
to apply to other schemas too.

Many thanks for pressing on this - I agree
it is important to sort it out. However, I don't
think we'll get much more guidance from the TC.
I think we'll probably just have to make the
change to dual normative schemas (dual
schemas keep cropping up for UBL these
days - in different ways). Perhaps we could
just wait a few more days but otherwise, now
it is known to the TC/NDR team, maybe we
should do our best and vote and if agreed
send what we have done to the TC for them
to decide (which they'll have to do anyway).

All the best


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From: "G. Ken Holman" <gkholman@CraneSoftwrights.com>
To: <ubl-sbsc@lists.oasis-open.org>
Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2005 4:29 PM
Subject: Re: [ubl-sbsc] Minutes Small Business SC call 17th May 2005

> At 2005-05-18 14:07 +0100, Stephen Green wrote:
> >Agreed: The package changes will be made by Ken and Steve and
> >posted to the SC list for an internal SC review
> In light of the discussion I triggered on the TC list, this may be delayed
> until the discussion is resolved:
>    http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ubl/200505/msg00040.html
> If we are to be bound by NDR (I don't think we should be in this case),
> entire vocabulary needs to be revisited.
> Better now, I suppose, than after it gets in hands outside the committee.
> . . . . . Ken
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