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Subject: Agenda for TSC meeting on 23rd Feb 06

Title: Agenda for TSC meeting on 23rd Feb 06

Hi all,
Pls find below the agenda for this Thursday's concall meeting.

1. Review of CoO Use Case
2. Review of BL, WB, Fwd Instruction Use Case
3. Alignment with existing EDIFACT standard code list
4. UBL work compliance with ebXML Core Component Library
5. Review of PSC data model
6. AOB

I am currently attending UNCEFACT TBG2 Capacity Building Workshop and UNeDocs Data Modelling Workshop in KL for the whole week and hence will not be able to join this week's concall. Can Tim kindly chair this week's meeting. Eric, my colleague will host the concall.

Just some quick update on the Capacity Building Workshop.
a. UN/CEFACT has achieved a close cooperation with ISO on UNeDocs. The official announcement will be made in the March UN/CEFACT Forum in the Vancouver.
b. There is now trial version UNeDocs template for Adobe Interactive PDF & Microsoft InfoPath.
c. WCO data model has been incorporated into UNeDocs (Not sure if the complete WCO data model or portions of it)
d. WCO will work closely with UN/CEFACT through TBG4 (Customs working group) to further integrate its data model into UNeDocs.
e. UNTDED 2005 version is core component compliant.
f. TBG2 is seeking for pilot project to use UNeDocs.


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