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Subject: [ubl] Minutes of UBL Library Content SC Discussion 20th Nov 9:00amPacific Time

Thanks to Peter, here are the 'hot off the press' minutes from yesterday's meeting.

UBL-lcsc Meeting (Conference Call) -- Tuesday 20 November 9:00 -10:10 a.m California time

Tim McGrath (Chair; Peter Yim (minutes); David Lewis; Gunther Stuhec; Marion Royal; Mark Crawford; Lisa Seaburg; Sue Probert; Arofan Gregory;


1. Welcome from Chair and appointment of Secretary to take minutes
    o  Peter Yim was to take minutes

2. Membership and active participation
    o  [Tim]  Did send out a message to all who missed the last meeting, but only got responses from Arpu (Arijit Sengupta). To be realistic, our membership may only be about 10 (and not 19).  Attendeance at meetings is not essential if members are able to contribute via email.  Quorum votes can be held via email.
    o  Per Marion (see below), Michael will be removed from team 2. Sally Chan will join team 2

3. Status of work teams
    o  [PPY]  try contacting all members, only Arofan responded. Have downloaded the material.
Liked the new lcsc homepage.
    o  [Marion]  have downloaded the material. Had spoken to Michael Jacobs (supposedly on Team 2)and understands that he will not be an active team participant (as he indicated at the face-to-face meeting on 10/30/01.)
    o  [Gunther]  have downloaded starter kit, will mail out some collected info to the rest of his team tomorrow.
    o  [Tim]  I had a little trouble with the spreadsheet Jay put together but found the combination of HTML documentation useful.

4. OASIS standards approval process.
    o  [Tim]  I've read the process. To make our work standard, we have to complete 7 tasks, keys ones being --
            -  need 3 OASIS organization to successfully implement
            -  archival history of the process (minutes, ...)
            -  our Chair certifying that all members are aware of the OASIS IPR policy
            -  OASIS administration Review
            -  go through the 30 days e-mail voting, held 4 times a year. Needs more than 10% of OASIS members to vote, and less than 10% to vote against, ... see details.
    o  [Tim]  I'll try to post a synopsis of the process.

5. Status of other subcommittees
    o  [Tim]  coordination with other sc's is going to be continuous and iterative. Our lcsc
members who are on the other sc's could be our liaisons.
    o  Appointed Lisiasons/To --
            Arofan / tools and technique sc
            Mark / naming and design rules sc
            Sue / context drivers sc
            Arofan / context assembly sc

6. Approved Work plan - amendments required
    o  No objections received so far, let's move forward with that.
    o  Will modify to add "trial implementations" so that we will be working towards complying with OASIS requirements and build that into the time table.
    o  we've probably slipped a week by now, but let's keep the schedule and try to catch up.

7. Other Business

7a.   [Tim]   Besides coverting xCBL, we will need to start looking at other structures.
        [Gunther]  the EIDX work would be a good reference.
        [Gunther/Sue/Mark/Tim] arranged that we should keep up-to-date with the latest on the Core Component catalog work. 
        [Sue/Mark/Tim]  Related project work by David Weber (instantiations of XML by anyone who want to submit to the ebXML repository) and Todd Boyle (independent Core Component Suite for accounting domain) were discussed.
        [Arofan]  I think UBL will fail if we worry too much about what other people are doing. 
        [Tim] Through cross membership we should be able to keep these initiatives in perspective
        [Group]  Agree.
        [Sue]  A few of us from CC will be meeting in London next week, and harmonization will be on the agenda.
        [Gunther]  Herbert Thomas, AustriaPro, would like to participate in our work. Will have him write to Jon Bosak, c.c. Tim.
        [Sue]  Again, we should be careful not to get side-tracked by external objectives.

7b.   [Tim]  by next meeting, each team should have made initial attempts on their part of the structure, possibly routed to the rest of the group for reference and comments.  Each team will report on its initial findings, problems and successes

8. Next meeting --  Tuesday 27 November 9-11 a.m California time. Same call details.


tim mcgrath
fremantle  western australia 6160
phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142 

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