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Subject: [ubl] Proposed UBL TC meeting schedule

Members of the UBL TC,

The UBL Liaison Subcommittee (which is responsible for scheduling,
among other things) has proposed the following schedule for our
next four UBL TC meetings:

   UBL meeting 1-4 October 2002 in Burlington, Massachusetts
      (about 15 miles north of Boston) -- running Tuesday
      through Friday to optimize travel for people attending
      X12 the following week in Miami; objective: process
      feedback from LC review cycle starting in August

   UBL meeting 18-21 November 2002 in Menlo Park, California --
      running Monday through Thursday per our established
      preferences; objective: prepare major release of library
      and basic documents by our target date

   Joint X12/UBL meeting 3-7 February 2003 in Denver;
      objective: get X12 response to the library and documents

   European meeting in late spring TBD depending on CEFACT

If any member of the UBL TC objects to the adoption of this
schedule, please register such objection by mail to this list no
later than COB Wednesday 26 June 2002.

Jon Bosak
Chair, UBL TC

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