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Subject: [ubl] Resolution: Negotiations with UN/CEFACT

UBL members,

We have recently been discussing a proposal from UN/CEFACT to
incorporate UBL into the work of the new UN/CEFACT Applied
Technologies Group (ATG).


UN/CEFACT has appointed a team to represent them in negotiations
regarding this proposal.


The unification proposal received a fair amount of informal
discussion during the TC meeting 1-4 October 2002 in Burlington.
My current personal view is summed up in slides 9 and 10 of the
report from the closing TC plenary held 4 October.


The group present at the meeting accepted the following two
resolutions by common consent.  Since we did not have the quorum
needed to adopt formal TC resolutions, however, these decisions
must now be ratified by email.

   1. That the following persons be appointed to a negotiation
      team empowered to respond to the recent UBL unification
      proposal from UN/CEFACT:

         Jon Bosak (UBL TC chair)
         Mark Crawford (UBL TC vice chair, ATG2 chair)
         Karl Best (OASIS)
         Arofan Gregory
         Stig Korsgaard
         Gunther Stuhec
         Lisa Seaburg

   2. That the ground rules for this discussion be as follows:

      a. Correspondence with the UN/CEFACT negotiating team will
         take place in an archived mail list to be created by
         OASIS for this purpose.

      b. Any agreement arrived at through negotiation will be
         submitted to the TC for formal approval.

If any voting member of the UBL TC objects to the adoption of
these resolutions, please register such objection via mail to this
list no later than COB 10 October 2002.

Jon Bosak

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