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Subject: Re: [ubl] Re: UBL coordination meetings


| I've found it useful to include names more often than otherwise
| for the simple reason of "replying to them, plus posting to list".
| This is more a communication requirement/desire.  It is also 
| important that people listed in the cc or main "To" list know
| that they're being responded to, or a reply of sort might be
| desired from them.

Right, but you get that effect equally well just by putting the
name of the person you're replying to at the beginning of the
message (like this one).  Or are you saying that getting duplicate
messages alerts me to the fact that something needs my attention?
It doesn't work that way for me.  If a message requires a reply
from me, then it had better say that explicitly.

| I was wondering if we might request for the machines and software
| to serve us humans' communication better by auto-sorting out the
| finalized out-going targeted recipients, and then performing a
| "make unique" filter.

Why not just remove the duplicate names before sending the


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