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Subject: Re: UBL Coordination

Dear all 
could we please agree to close this discussion for the moment. I appreicate the 
inputs from both Mark and Chee Kai but I think this is getting a bit out of 

We are all busy, talented people with bigger fish to fry right now. I don't 
like the tone this is taking and I don't think it is progressing our interests. 


> I agree with you, Jon.  But that's what you are saying, 
> not Mark.  I haven't heard from him. 
> For Mark to claim judgment about others being rude to him, 
> I thought it is fitting to find out if his past has lived 
> up to the level at which he judges others.  And for some 
> reason, my counter on mails that he would have deemed rude AND 
> which he has imposed upon others, including myself, of such 
> wasn't 0.   

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