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Subject: Agenda for UBL TC meeting in Hong Kong 10-14 May 2004

Hello UBL TC,

Following is a detailed schedule for the UBL TC meeting in Hong
Kong 10-14 May 2004.  Please contact the UBL TC chair, Jon Bosak
(jon.bosak@sun.com) and the UBL TC vice chair, Mark Crawford
(mcrawford@lmi.org) if you intend to participate.  Observers are
welcome given prior notice.
TIME ZONE (UTC/GMT+8, Hong Kong Time)

   09h00 Mon 5/10 - 17h00 Mon 5/10 in Hong Kong is:

      18h00 Sun - 02h00 Mon in San Francisco
      21h00 Sun - 05h00 Mon in Washington
      02h00 Mon - 10h00 Mon in London
      09h00 Mon - 17h00 Mon in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Perth
      10h00 Mon - 18h00 Mon in Tokyo and Seoul
      11h00 Mon - 19h00 Tue in Sydney


   The primary objectives of this meeting are:

    - Identify technical and organizational issues to be resolved
      in UBL localization and form a localization work plan

    - Identify aspects of the UBL formatting specifications that
      may need further work to accommodate multibyte character

    - Determine what we mean by "UBL compliance"

    - Develop guidelines for working with industry organizations
      that wish to use some or all of UBL 1.0

    - Consider proposals for additional UBL document types

    - Develop a work plan for UBL 1.1

    - Reorganize the UBL TC subcommittee structure


   Mon 5/10 09h15-12h00 Opening plenary
                          SC reports
                          Finalize agenda for the week
            12h00-13h00 Lunch
            13h00-17h00 Continuing plenary: Localization (l10n)
                           Items to be translated
                           Form in which translations will be
                           Multibyte character set issues
                           Kavi issues
                           Involvement of regional legal
                           Work program and scheduling
            17h00-17h30 Chairs meeting

   Tue 5/11 09h00-12h00 Plenary: Customization and conformance
                           Meaning of "UBL conformance"
                           Meaning of "industry profile"
                           Industry profiling and customization
            12h00-13h00 Lunch
            13h00-17h00 Breakouts (see below)
            17h00-17h30 Chairs meeting

   Wed 5/12 09h00-12h00 Plenary: UBL 1.1
                           Work plan for 1.1
                              Scheduling technical issues
                                 (see breakouts below)
                              NDR publication
                           UBL liaisons
                              Organizations using UBL
                              Organizations wishing to define UBL
                                 industry profiles
                              Organizations interested in UBL but
                                 not intending to adopt it
                              The role of a Liaison SC
                              Liaison relationships vs.
                                 localization relationships
                              Relationship with UN/CEFACT TBG17
            12h00-13h00 Lunch
            13h00-17h00 Breakouts (see below)
            17h00-17h30 Chairs meeting

   Thu 5/13 09h00-12h00 Breakouts (see below)
            12h00-13h00 Lunch
            13h00-17h00 Breakouts (see below); report generation
            17h00-18h00 Wine & Cheese party

   Fri 5/14 09h00-12h00 Closing plenary
                           Marketing report
                           Technical report
                           Localization report
                           Subcommittee reorganization
                           Atlantic/Pacific coordination


   Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon, and all day Thursday we
   will split into two groups, one consisting of technical experts
   and one consisting of localization experts.  The chair will
   constitute a third "virtual" track to do marketing and
   administrative work.  The work items for the two groups will be
   as follows:

   Technical breakout (Tue-Thu):
    - Completion of NDR document
    - Further work on customization guidelines
    - Evaluation of the use of substitution groups for code list
      customization (identify issues in preparation for public
    - Importation of codelist schema modules via the SDT module or
      directly into the aggregate schema and all the document
    - Location of qualified BBIE property elements definitions
    - Relative paths in schema modules
    - Version element in the documentation of every BIE
    - CCTS schema work plan
       - OAG/UBL collaboration
       - Relationship with ATG2
       - Staffing and scheduling

   Localization breakout (Tue-Thu):
    - L10N subcommittee meetings
    - Regional UBL 1.0 marketing (meet with each l10n sc)

   Marketing/administrative breakout (Tue-Thu):
    - English-language UBL 1.0 marketing
    - Preparation of plan for SC reorganization and
      Atlantic/Pacific coordination

   There may also be a breakout to discuss tools and
   implementation issues.


   We intend to provide dial-in for interested members during
   plenaries at the number below.  Note that we are holding
   plenaries every day except Thursday.

      U.S. domestic toll-free number: (866)839-8145
      Int. access/caller paid number: (865)524-6352
      Access code: 5705229#

      *** Please remember to mute your phone when not speaking.
      *** Please DO NOT put your phone on "hold," as this often
      *** puts music on the line.


   To register for the meeting, send mail to the UBL chair and
   vice chair at the addresses given above.


   See the materials posted at



   Every participant using a device that consumes AC power is
   reminded to bring an extension cord and a three-way tap to
   the meeting room in which he or she intends to participate.


   Our traditional wine-and-cheese party will be held Thursday
   evening.  Participants are encouraged to bring a bottle of wine
   from their country or state to demonstrate the quality of their
   local vines.

Jon Bosak

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