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Subject: Re: Agenda for UBL TC meeting in Hong Kong 10-14 May 2004

Two updates to the agenda sent 16 April:

1. The time zone information should have read as follows:

   TIME ZONE (UTC/GMT+8, Hong Kong Time)

      09h00 Mon 5/10 - 17h00 Mon 5/10 in Hong Kong is:

	 18h00 Sun - 02h00 Mon in San Francisco
	 21h00 Sun - 05h00 Mon in Washington
	 02h00 Mon - 10h00 Mon in London
	 09h00 Mon - 17h00 Mon in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Perth
	 10h00 Mon - 18h00 Mon in Tokyo and Seoul
	 11h00 Mon - 19h00 Mon in Sydney

2. Mr. Saito will be giving a report on "Activities regarding UBL
   at ECOM in Japan" during the opening plenary 10 May.  The
   agenda item labeled "SC reports" should be understood to mean
   reports in general.  It would help in putting together the
   final agenda if everyone intending to give a report would send
   me a reminder together with an estimated time.


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