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Subject: Ready for another review; new PDF files added for UN layouts

The FPSC committee has been working on a draft package towards our deadline 
tomorrow.  If you are interested in seeing a candidate final release of the 
fs/ directory for UBL, please download the following (no password required):


The FPSC subcommittee will be voting on this by email over the next 24 
hours and there may be only some very minor box headings changed in some of 
the UN layouts based on an analysis of consistency between the forms and 
conformance to UN layouts.

If you have any suggestions or spot any problems, please contact me as soon 
as possible and I will raise them with the committee members.

Based on your feedback and our subcommittee vote, we will release a 
(hopefully!) final fs/ directory late-afternoon (California time) on the 19th.

I want to publicly thank the active members of the FPSC group for their 
efforts in producing and reviewing this: Jean McInerney, Stephen Green and 
Fabio Arciniegas.

Thank you for any input you may have!

......................... Ken

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