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Subject: Registry for UBL

I want to plant a seed of thought for this group to use an ebXML 
Registry/Repository implementation for the groups schemas.  That way, 
the schema can be modified to point at it via the registry's http 
binding.  This would allow all users to make a reference via the 
"schemaLocation" attribute.  Since it is a persistent store, developers 
can count on it and use the http access string to grab schema copies.

OASIS has an ebXML Registry up and running.  All that would be required 
is to have OASIS make a classification node for schemas of TC's and then 
place the UB schemas into the registry.  

This would greatly help with forwards/backwards version tracking.    I 
volunteer to do all the work if the group agrees.

We could also do this as a backup to the current methodology if desired.

Duane Nickull

Senior Standards Strategist
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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