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Subject: Second UBL 1.0 Q/A build, take 2 (20 April)

To solve the page formatting problem noted earlier by Anne Hendry,
I have fallen back on the insertion of simple manual page breaks.
With a wee bit of editing (nothing substantive -- biggest change
was to put the former A.1 at the end of Appendix A, which I had
considered doing for organizational reasons anyway) I have come up
with a version that will produce reasonable US and A4 printouts on
Mozilla using the defaults and will produce equally reasonable US
and A4 printouts under IE if the page margins are set to 0.5 inch
instead of the default 0.75 inch.  I think this is probably as
good as it gets from an HTML original.

I have rebuilt the package with this new version and installed it
in place of the one that I published a few hours ago.  You can
tell it's the new one because it's labeled "Second Q/A build, Take
2".  From the standpoint of text and link debugging, it should be
identical.  The only actual error I caught was one remaining
reference to the absent RNG materials, which has now been deleted.


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