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Subject: Second UBL 1.0 Q/A build (20 April)

A build of UBL 1.0 is now available for the second Q/A review at


I've appended a change log below.  The only pieces still missing
are the credits (which I will do while others are performing Q/A)
and a spelling revision to Figure B-5 (unless I missed this

Here's our build schedule again; I'm about an hour and a half

   Q/A review #2 will begin at 4 p.m. San Francisco time 4/20 and
   will end Wednesday night (San Francisco time) 4/21.  Fabio,
   Anne, Stephen, and Tim will conduct an end-to-end review and
   Mike will contribute what he can.  Comments will be sent
   individually to Jon with copies to the ubl mail list.  Jon will
   pick up inputs from the review Thursday morning in San
   Francisco and create a final build in time to begin Committee
   Draft balloting on Friday 4/23.

   All interested UBL participants are invited to participate in
   the Q/A review.

In a previous message I said something about a meeting tomorrow:


But as is clear from the above, I just got mixed up.  If other
people need to meet to work on any of the subsidiary pieces, your
usual times are available.




Put in revised version of the ASN.1 spec from Paul Thorpe

Removed last para of Notices on the advice of Jamie Clark (OASIS)

Installed the formatting specifications (App. C)

Put in links for generated printouts of example files (App. D)

Change xsd/complete to xsd/, xsd/stripped to xsdrt

Change "contextualisation" to "contextualization" in

Restripped xsd/ files to create run-time versions in xsdrt

Updated language in 6 and A.4 accordingly

Added note at bottom of 6.2.1 per

Changed language of H.2.2 per

Added language to the note at the top of 6.4 per

Changed date on cs-ubl-cmsc-cmguidelines-1.0.html to date of
submission (14 April 2004); N.B. not changed in source xml

Changed href on OASIS logo in cs-ubl-cmsc-cmguidelines-1.0.html to
point to the file inside the package; N.B. not changed in source

Replaced UBL-1.0-SchemaDependency.jpg per

Removed uml/implem/packages/UBL-ShipmentImplementationDiagram-1.0.gif
(not used)

Replaced reference to
uml/implem/packages/UBL-DeliveryImplementationDiagram-1.0.gif with
references to two smaller diagrams, one for DespatchLine and one
for Shipment (change made by Carlson and McGrath to simplify the

Changed language at B.3.4 to mention customization guidelines

Received NDR checklist from
converted to pdf, installed at doc/ndr/UBL-NDR-Checklist-1.0.pdf

Received Code List Representation specification from
and installed it at doc/cl/wd-ublclsc-codelist-20040420.pdf

Installed revised (and renamed) SDT and UDT modules per

Installed revised example instances from Stephen Green

Installed revised pdf renderings of example instances per

Installed new fs/ directory per

Eliminated all references to RNG (not in on time for this release)
and relettered everything accordingly

Made a number of minor editorial changes, including the
regularization of "formulas" (instead of formulae) and "realize"
(per OED)

In Appendix D, changed "stylesheets referenced in Appendix C" to
"formatting specifications referenced in Appendix C"

Modified last para of G.3.3


Still missing:

   Replacement for Figure B-5 ("s" vs. "z")


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