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Subject: Re: [ubl] Index review #2


| 1.  Typo in Section D.2
| Jon wrote:
| > | D.2 first paragraph "be specified, as must the "fittings&#x201D
| > | (handles, stays etc.)"
| >
| > Is there a change here?
| >
| There is a semi-colon missing from "“fittings&#x201D"

As the parenthetical phrase belongs to "fittings", no semicolon is
needed in that place.

| 2.  In Appendix D
| "Also included are printed versions of each example document created by
| generating PDF files from the example instances in accordance with the
| formatting specifications referenced in Appendix C."
| And headings "Generated printouts"
| I'd still maintain that these pdf's are none of them 'generated' but perhaps
| I'm just
| nit-picking here.

No, you're absolutely right, and I had this on the list of things
to revise.  The apparatus needed to generate printouts from the
example instances will have to come after the release this time.
I'm changing all references to "generated printouts" to just

| 3.  In the Appendix D pdf's. in the Joinery ones, some table
|    headers have characters overflowing the line. This I couldn't
|    solve previously due to problems with too much text for the
|    width of the A4 page, but if anyone has any time to try
|    again...

Let's remember to visit the printouts again after the OASIS CD

| 5. Customization Paper
| There are examples where the prefix for the CCP Schema Module namespace is
| ubl: when it should be ccts:
| It may be that the use of pseudo-prefixes (for want of a better term -
| sorry) such as
| ubl: in the NDR document has led to this possible confusion.


| 6. Section B.3  - Just one minor typo
| "These advantages were felt to outweigh ...
| langauge
| ...was also capable of verifying model integrity."

Got it.


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