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Subject: JPLSC' activity

Here is a report of JPLSC' activities..

1:Regular meeting
  August 31 -  report of UBL-TC meeting in Copenhagen
                    translation review
                    scheduling the next activities

  next regular meeting: Oct 13

  a) Translation of Business Document
     -Correction for Correspondence to CD2 of UBL Specs. (done)

  b) Translation of Index.html
     -Terminological Unification and Quality of Translation is not enough,
correct again.

  c) next activities
     Understanding & Translation of  Datatype
   -BIE,DT,CCT,specialized,unspecialized     (end of Oct.)
   -BIE (value),code,..
   -making a guide book(dictionary) of BIE, and sample document (data).

   Okabe-san (OASIS Japanese Representative) and I are preparing the formal
Japanese Web  pages of OASIS.
A Japanese web pages are installed into the official OASIS web site and, it
will open to the public by the end of next month.

I also want to translate the public page of UBL-TC into Japanese, and
publish it onto OASIS web site.
Is it OK for you?
And are there any advices on it?

PS: I changed my job 3monts ago.
     Please update my address on your data.


Noboru Itoh

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