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Subject: Minutes of Pacific UBL TC call 11|12 April 2005

00H30 - 02H30 UTC TUESDAY 12 APRIL 2005


   Jon Bosak (chair)
   Micah Dubinko
   Stephen Green
   Betty Harvey
   Tim McGrath


   Additions to the calendar (http://ibiblio.org/bosak/ubl/calendar.htm)

      TimM: Add: 15 April 2005; IDA/OGC Collaboration meeting,
      Paris; Stephen Green.

      TimM: Add: Conference (need name) 22 May 2005; Exhibition
      Centre, Hong Kong; Tim McGrath.

      JonB: Let's add your class, too.

      TimM: 15-26 May 2005; Introduction to Document Engineering
      Class; University of Hong Kong

      JonB: What of the IEEE workshop in Hong Kong?

      TimM: Over 100 people there, but not much happened.

      TimM: Add (provisional): 1 July (?); CEN/ISSS document
      modeling workshop, Brussels; Tim McGrath.

   Meeting schedule

      The OASIS meeting in New Orleans and the TC plenary in
      Hangzhou will require some adjustments to our phone meeting
      schedule.  We agreed on the following:

         2005.04.13     Atlantic call as usual
         2005.04.18|19  Pacific call as usual
         2005.04.20     Atlantic call as usual
         2005.04.25|26  Pacific call chaired by TimM
         2005.04.27     CANCEL Atlantic call
         2005.05.02|03  Pacific call as usual
         2005.05.04     CANCEL Atlantic call
         2005.05.09|10  CANCEL Pacific call
         2005.05.11     CANCEL Atlantic call
         2005.05.16|17  Pacific call as usual; TimM reports on plenary
         2005.05.18     Atlantic call as usual

   Liaison reports


   Subcommittee report: HISC

      MicahD: Got a lot done on the apps last week.  Starting to
      contact people on the list of XML vendors for actual
      implementation of user input forms interfaces for SBS.  We
      now have a system in place so that we can incorporate tweaks
      to the input specs by running a Python script; it should
      hold up well with 1.1 changes.

   Subcommittee report: SBSC

      StephenG: Waiting on input from JonB.

   Subcommittee report: SSC

      StephenG: We're not meeting while the ver team discussions
      are underway.

   Team report: COML

      TimM: Met by phone with Crimson Logic and the COML group
      last week.  All is well.  The CL team met with TBG2 to
      discuss coordination with eDocs, and have determined to
      continue development for UBL 1.1 with eDocs alignment in
      2.0.  There will be an AFACT meeting 9-10 May in Taipei to
      plan an end-to-end ebXML framework trial that may include
      the proposed CO for UBL 1.1 along with ebMS and BPSS.  The
      CO model will be submitted to UBL at the meeting in
      Hangzhou.  We are very close to finalizing the data model
      for the CO, incorporating a large number of structures given
      by SueP from the draft TBG17 work.

   Team report: European input to UBL 1.1

      TimM: The resource issue was raised in the meeting last
      week; the participants will submit a project plan and
      resource estimate to their clients for approval.  Current
      funding runs to the end of April.  A meeting has been
      scheduled for 15 April in Paris in which OGC and IDA will
      attempt to meld the two sets of requirements into a single
      set mapped to UBL 1.0, the gaps in which become the
      requirements for 1.1.  At that point the role of IDA and OGC
      changes from customer to designer of the new doctypes.
      Jostein has now joined the group as a representative of the
      Norwegian public sector.

   Agenda for Hangzhou

      TimM: Add CNLSC report and a discussion of UBL in UN/CEFACT.

      ACTION: TimM to make a detailed schedule for the meeting.

      We discussed phone access and whether it was really
      necessary to request CNIS to keep a bridge to the U.S. up
      all week.

      AGREED: We will not attempt phone participation per se.
      Instead, JonB will call in directly for the opening and
      closing plenaries, and we will all monitor mail for requests
      from the group.

      TimM, MavisC, AnneH, and ThomasL are meeting in Suzhou and
      taking the ferry to Hangzhou.  Other participants are
      invited to accompany them.


 - TimM to follow up obtaining CL feedback with Kama.

      See team reports.

 - TimM to schedule the resource question for discussion with the
   European Input group Friday.

      See team reports.

 - TimM to post a response to Constantine on the xml-dev list.


 - TimM to provide prototype spreadsheets to SSC.

      Not quite done; have distributed one to StephenG, KenH, and
      Chee-kai; preparing to send another copy incorporating that
      input to StephenG to post to SSC.

 - JonB to provide the agenda and other Hangzhou meeting
   information by the end of this week.


 - Content team to review the Tax XML gap analysis.

      TimM looked at this briefly; more below.


   Issues list

      TimM: Looks like we're up to date; the only things not there
      are not concrete issues yet (e.g. the conversation with
      Constantine).  BettyH has captured all the hard

      ACTION: StephenH to (re)post his suggestions for UBL 1.1
      binary CC types.

   Preliminary Tax XML analysis



      TimM: Many of these requirements have already been
      identified in the IDA/OGC work, so we will be coming to a
      lot of the same answers and clarifying similar

      ACTION: TimM to prepare comments for the Tax XML TC to be
      reviewed by this groupo next week before sending them back.


   We will discuss the representation of tax data in UBL 1.1.
   Input will be TimM's comments on the Tax XML TC draft and
   IDA/OGC input on tax requirements.

Jon Bosak

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